The Capital Area Iowa Club strongly encourages its members to consider participation in the Alumni Seeking Iowa STudents (ASIST) program. This program is a vehicle for alumni to become actively involved in recruiting high school students to attend Iowa. 

The University of Iowa is not exactly a household name in the DC-area, but we all know the benefits of an Iowa education. This is your chance to let others know just how valuable Iowa can be to them. 

Over the last few years, several Club members have participated in local college fairs. Students and their families are impressed that Iowa alumni take the time to come talk to them. Other schools have to pay people to do it! Iowa alumni care enough to do it for free! The students and their families notice the difference. 

ASIST gathers information on upcoming events, coordinates efforts, and provides all the necessary materials. You choose your level of involvement from a range of activities, such as:

Let's show the commitment of the #1 Iowa Club in the country to helping out the University! 

Contact Egenia Dixon for more details or to volunteer ( ).