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Something Fishy


Our next Lifelong Learning event is all about the zebra fish.

Register by noon, Monday, Oct. 20, to attend “Development and Disease: Fishing for Answers.”

The event will begin at 6 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 22. Sponsor Melrose Meadows, 350 Dublin Drive, Iowa City, IA 52246, will play host to the event.  UI Biology Professor Diane Slusarski will discuss how zebra fish embryos…

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C is for Cookie Control

Since 1969, Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster has educated and entertained young children with his ravenous—yet hilarious—appetite. While the blue, googly-eyed Muppet has taught children the alphabet since his debut, he hasn’t always been a model of self-control. Until now.

On Tuesday, April 22, the UIAA will present Deborah Linebarger, UI associate professor of education, director of the Iowa Children’s Media Lab,…

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Wrapping Your Head Around Concussions

Thanks to recent stories that publicized the long-lasting side effects of concussions, the public is more aware than ever about the dangers associated with these common injuries. Last week, UI assistant professor of emergency medicine and primary care sports medicine Christopher Hogrefe, 08MD, brought further awareness to the topic as part of the UIAA’s Lifelong Learning program.

During his presentation at…

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Cleaning Out the Cobwebs

Sportscasters often use the phrase, “having their bell rung,” after witnessing an athlete take a jolt to the head. But what do those words really mean? Thanks to recent stories regarding concussions and their long-lasting side effects, the public is well-aware about the dangers of head injuries. However, it is less informed about the research underway to better understand, evaluate,…

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What’s Ailing D.C.?

Perhaps the best word to describe today’s political atmosphere in Washington, D.C. is “tumultuous.” While our nation has faced various threats throughout history, the current political divide between Democrats and Republicans in Congress presents the biggest modern-day obstacle to improving our political system. What can America do to end this gridlock?

On Monday, Nov. 11, the UIAA proudly features former Iowa…

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The Right to Bear Arms

Few issues in this country remain as polarizing as the debate on gun control. Just one sentence in length, the Second Amendment is open to countless interpretations and disagreements regarding whether situations exist when an individual should be denied this constitutional right. In 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court began to address this contentious issue.

On Wednesday, Nov. 6, the UIAA invites…

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Documenting Conscience

Freedom Summer (also known to as the Mississippi Summer Project) was a campaign launched in June 1964 to register previously unregistered African-American voters in Mississippi. In what would become a significant turning point in the U.S. civil rights movement, hundreds of volunteers from across the country traveled to Mississippi to join this ambitious movement.

The campaign met with strong opposition from…

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