Eagle Tales

Are you looking for a tale of hope, life, tragedy, birth and rebirth, snow, wind, death and beauty?

Then you probably want to share the UI Alumni Association’s newest obsession: The Decorah Eagles. Nope, not talking about any teams in Decorah (they are the Vikings, for those who need to know) – I’m talking about real EAGLES.

The other day, someone shared the following link with several of us: www.ustream.tv/channel/decorah-eagles. What it shows is a live, hi-def stream of an eagle’s nest in Decorah. We’re hooked.

But, why do we care? Let me tell you in an eggshell: Three eggs, Mom Eagle, Dad Eagle, and then all the elements I mentioned above. If you follow the sidebar comments that u-stream chat provides, you will find out that Dad Eagle lost his first wife several years ago (and crassly abandoned the eggs – or was it simply that he abandoned all hope?), he found love again with the current Mom Eagle (she’s a beauty)  – but then tragedy again struck when their nest blew out of the tree and they had to rebuild (Engineering alumni, we really want to know how a tree can hold a 1 ½-ton nest without cracking. How does a nest that weighs that much blow out of a tree anyway? Inquiring minds and all…).

And it’s a tale of suspense! Besides the obvious – we know the eggs will hatch around April 1st, there are these burning questions: Can I catch the changing of the guard or catch a glimpse of the eggs? How long will it take Mom to rearrange the eggs back into a triangle after Dad has arranged them in a line? Why do they keep adding more stuff to the nest; is it nesting behavior or simple OCD? What exactly is that small animal being de-furred and ripped to shreds?

Luckily u-stream provides a side-bar chat, wherein you can talk to the camera operator (who provides up-close views, eagle-eye views of the surroundings, and otherwise moves the camera around) and ask questions, or talk to other viewers. There’s a lot to learn.

I am going to wrap this up now, because I am aware that I lost you as soon as you clicked on the link and that all that followed was for my edification only. Enjoy.

(Photo taken of Dad live on my computer screen using my Blackberry. We know it’s, Dad because Mom goes for the sultry, smoky look so popular right now – gray smudged around her eyes. Dad is all Emo/Goth with his black eyeliner. It really highlights his “eagle-eye” appeal.)

Jane Marshall
Membership Assistant

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