Hey, Hawkeye

“I ate apple pie and ice cream—it was getting better as I got deeper into Iowa, the pie bigger, the ice cream richer.” –Jack Kerouac

Both my parents are Iowans. My father grew up in Rockwell City; my mother grew up in Diagonal. I was born right here in Iowa City. I went to elementary school in the Quad Cities. There are certain things that Iowans are known for that I am proud of: we are known for being kind, we are known for working hard, and we are known for lending a helping hand.

After my family and I moved to Arizona, I always enjoyed the chorus of, “Go, Hawks!” whenever I wore UI apparel. Perfect strangers would spot me out in a crowded Target and come over to chat about the Hawkeyes. They would ask me where I was from, and then ask what brought me out to Arizona. Over 15 years, I can’t remember one fellow Iowan/Hawkeye fan I encountered that didn’t refer to Iowa fondly.

With the tragedies in Boston and West, Texas it is easy to focus on the dark shadow cast over this week. However, this week also offered a glimpse of the good in people. People running into chaos to help those wounded in the Boston Marathon bombings. Volunteer first responders risking everything to help their neighbors after the West Fertilizer Co. explosion.

A few weeks before I made the cross-country drive back to Iowa City, I attended the Insight Bowl in Tempe with three of my best friends. None of us were fans of either TCU or Michigan State. They all dressed in neutral colors. I dressed in black and gold. As we waded through a sea of purple and green on our way into the stadium, I heard that ever familiar, “Go, Hawks!” Up against a fence was an entire family wearing Hawkeye away jerseys.

“Where are you from?” the father inquired. Quickly adding that they were from outside of Des Moines.

“Davenport,” I shouted over the noise of the crowd.

“Always good to see a friendly face!” he quipped back, giving me a thumbs up.

There are more good people in this world than evil. There are Hawkeyes across the globe. I am encouraged to know that there are people who will run into peril to help others. I am encouraged to know that strangers will shout at other strangers wearing Iowa black and gold.

-Dylan Hendricks, Web Editor

University of Iowa Alumni Association

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