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Congratulations, New Grads!

Dear December graduates,

Congratulations on your graduation! The real world is knocking at your door. No longer will you be able to hit the snooze button three times before rolling out of bed and heading to class. It’s time to trade in your backpack for a briefcase, your sweatpants for work clothes, and your endless hours of studying for…

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It’s Complicated

The Newtown massacre of innocent young children has left our nation reeling—and searching for answers. Citizens look for those answers in gun control, the mental health care system, and in exposure to the violent images often found in video games and movies. Last year, after Jared Loughner’s rampage in Tucson, Iowa Alumni Magazine writers pursued a story about…

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Are you ready for some basketball? We hope to see you in Des Moines this Saturday for the Hawkeye Huddle at the Iowa Events Center’s Hy-Vee Hall, 730 Third St., Des Moines. Admission is free and highlights include special guest speakers, door prizes, the Iowa cheerleaders and dance team, Herky, cash refreshments and concessions, and the Hawkeye Marching…

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Share Your News

So, how’s work going these days? Got a promotion recently? A new job?  An award? Well, if you have, make sure to share the great news with your fellow alumni!

Robert W. Dixon, Diana Brady Spellman, and Allan A. Rashford did just that recently when they submitted their class notes to Iowa Alumni Magazine. As a result, readers of…

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Happy Reading

A Dream Job

Want to be happy? (Well, who doesn’t?!) Then make sure to read the December issue of Iowa Alumni Magazine.

This latest issue of the UIAA’s members-only publication is devoted to the theme of happiness. All the features and several other articles—as well as memorable and inspirational quotations at the bottom of most pages—explore the multi-faceted nature of contentment. UI…

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Glowing Report

From the hundreds of events that took place on campus over the past year, the UI selected two sponsored by the alumni association to showcase in its online annual report.

The photo gallery “Year in Photos” featured 27 images of diverse happenings, including a visit by President Obama, Hawkeye football action, and an archaeological dig. Colorful shots from the…

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