Artistic Rags to Riches


Last Wednesday, Dr. Randy Lengeling [DCHC], 74BS, 77MD, 80R, 81F, presented a UIAA Lifelong Learning event titled  “Grant Wood: Artistic Rags to Riches—an American Success Story.” Co-sponsored by and held at Melrose Meadows in Iowa City, the lecture covered Wood’s rise from a poor Iowa farm boy to the renowned painter of American Gothic—arguably one of the world’s most recognized works of visual art. Nearly 100 people attended the event and viewed original Wood works, including Worker on Indian Creek, Red Headed Women with Earrings, Honorary Degree, and Sultry Night.

Lengeling, who practices gastroenterology and internal medicine in Dubuque, is also a trustee, benefactor, lecturer, and curator at the Dubuque Museum of Art, which houses a world-class collection of Wood’s work.

For more information on upcoming UIAA events like our Lifelong Learning series, click here.

Whit France-Kelly
Assistant Director of Alumni Programs

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