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Our Blooming Iowa Voyagers


April 2012 marks 14 years since the UI Alumni Association, along with the UI Foundation, moved into the Levitt Center for University Advancement (LCUA) on One West Park Road.

In 1998, the UIAA’s Iowa Voyagers held its first preview event on the building’s spacious fourth floor, featuring panoramic views of the UI campus.  Back then, we offered 25 trips…

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Tuesday Trivia Answer: April 10, 2012

The answer to this week’s trivia question (What is Iowa’s state bird?) is the eastern goldfinch.

Congratulations to our winners, Eric Bochtler, 10MBA, and S.T.A.T. member Alison Seaton!

Gold stars go out to those who knew the state tree (oak), rock (geode), and flower (wild rose). Check back next week for another chance to participate and win!

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