Today I found out I’m one of the richest people in the world.

You wouldn’t think it if you saw my car or looked at my bank account. However, when I put my modest income into the “How Rich Am I?” calculator, hosted by an international non-profit organization that fights poverty, I discovered I’m wealthy compared to most people on planet Earth. Undoubtedly, you are, too…and not just financially.

As University of Iowa alumni, we have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. We have our basic needs provided for, the support of our friends and family, and the benefit of a top-notch education.

As you reflect on what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving, consider ways you can be a blessing to others. Here’s one possibility: A member of the UI Friends of International Students board told me she received 30 e-mails just yesterday from international students who would like to have Thanksgiving dinner in an American home. If you live in the Iowa City area and can show your Hawkeye hospitality this Thanksgiving, please contact the Office of International Students and Scholars at 319/335-0335 or

Happy Thanksgiving!

Shelbi Thomas
Associate Editor

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