Coming of Age for Facebook

My daughter Ashley will turn 13 years old this Sunday. It seems like just yesterday that her interests included naptime, going to the park, and playing dress up with friends. Today, young teen life is about cell phones, computers, and talking with friends (though generally not face-to-face). Almost as though it were a rite of passage, my daughter has been waiting impatiently for her 13th birthday to arrive because she will finally be old enough to open her very own Facebook account.

As a result, this week (before my daughter’s birthday) I will join the growing group of Facebook users on the planet. I will reluctantly sign up for my first social networking account so that I am able to cyber-stalk my own child.

As soon as I “friend” my daughter, I plan to check out the UI Alumni Association on Facebook. You can check us out, too, by visiting Meet other alumni, reconnect with friends, view events and photos, win prizes with Tuesday Trivia, and stay informed about campus news.

You and I might become friends, too! Who knows…by next week, I may be “tweeting” to let my daughter know it’s time for supper!

Lori McMahon
Travel & Accounting Assistant

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