Time to Celebrate!

Congratulations to Leslie Prideaux for winning Outstanding Advisor last night at the Hawkeye Awards. Leslie is an amazing advisor who is very deserving of this award. Leslie goes beyond her duties as an advisor to make us all feel like family. She leads us by example, pushes us to succeed, and, most of all, assists us in following our dreams. Leslie doesn’t just advise us; she guides us.

Congratulations to S.T.A.T. Ambassadors for our win last night as well. S.T.A.T. Ambassadors took home the award for Outstanding Program with our Beat Cancer 5K. I was honored to accept this award on behalf of the S.T.A.T. Ambassadors. The Beat Cancer 5K brought together students, faculty, community, and, most importantly, families who have been touched by cancer. My favorite memory from Beat Cancer 5K was of an older man in remission and his wife walking the race. The man was determined to complete the race. As he neared the finish line, the pain from his knee braces started to kick in. To keep up his spirits, many S.T.A.T. Ambassadors jumped in to finish the race with him. The sight of the man and the S.T.A.T. Ambassadors finishing the race together was heartwarming.

To continue on with awards S.T.A.T. Ambassadors received this week, we’ll have to bump it up to the next level! CASE (the Council for Advancement and Support of Education) is a national organization that awards student organizations for their outstanding work. The University of Iowa is a part of the fifth district. Our competition includes universities such as the University of Wisconsin, Purdue, Penn State, the University of Illinois, and many other Midwestern colleges. S.T.A.T. Ambassadors are proud to represent the fifth district in four categories: outstanding student leader, outstanding program, outstanding event (Beat Cancer 5K), and tried and true program (Make-A-Wish Game Day).

I’m honored to have been awarded Outstanding Student Leader. I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve in such an amazing organization. S.T.A.T. Ambassadors and the UI Alumni Association have given me the courage to stand up and lead. I have grown so much at Iowa because of the programs. Reaching out and helping others is a passion of mine; sharing it with everyone else is an honor. Thank you, S.T.A.T. Ambassadors and the UI Alumni Association, for giving me the chance to represent you. I will be sure to make you proud this summer at nationals!

With all of the awards S.T.A.T. Ambassadors earned this week, my experience at Iowa has been remarkable. S.T.A.T. Ambassadors work very hard throughout the year to create events for the campus. Our hard work and dedication has paid off. I am proud to be a Hawkeye, a S.T.A.T. Ambassador, and a part of the UI Alumni Association.

Christin Meyer
Vice President of Communications
Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (S.T.A.T.)

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