Beware of Zombies

If you plan to visit the UI in the next couple weeks, please be aware that the campus is on high zombie alert.

The infection begins Sunday, April 10, when RiverFest hosts the Humans Versus Zombies challenge. Already, more than 300 humans have signed up for a facedown with the walking dead. Participating students are safe in UI buildings, but once they leave the dorms or class, a zombie could be lurking behind any corner.

Zombies may not have brains, but apparently they have hearts. Watch out for monster sweethearts attending RiverFest’s inaugural Zombie Prom on Saturday, April 16, at the Iowa Memorial Union.

I urge you not to take this zombie threat lightly. Earlier this school year, I was walking back to the Levitt Center from downtown when I heard a terrifying scream. I looked up to see a group of moaning zombies chasing students around an open field by the UI Theatre Building. I guess it makes sense that a university would be a hotbed for zombies, considering all the bright brains on campus!

Shelbi Thomas
Associate Editor

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