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As director of membership and marketing, I think about the UIAA members and their memberships—and what they entail—on a daily basis.

During some reflection and brainstorming today, I turned to a trusty old friend for inspiration: the Merriam-Webster dictionary. As an English major in college, I found solace in dictionaries; all of those words kept me entertained and inspired. I also have a fascination with finding words I enjoy and words I don’t. I write them down in a mental library only to pull out when I hear someone use one—my current favorite? Philanthropy.

The definitions of member and membership are as follows:

noun, often attributive \mem-bər\
1: one of the individuals composing a group

noun \mem-bər-ship\
1: the state or status of being a member
2: the body of members <an organization with a large membership>

Your membership in the UIAA not only allows you to support your university, show your pride, be in the know, stay connected, further your career, see the world, support future Hawkeyes, and save money; it also allows you to be the part of something big—a group filled with individuals that have the same love and passion as you—the University of Iowa.

That’s pretty neat. Neat. There’s another word I enjoy.

Lana Tucker
Director of Membership and Marketing


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