May I Help You?

I am in the (I think) enviable position of taking a lot of phone calls from many diverse constituents—mostly about membership in the alumni association. Now and again, I do have to bite my tongue, because sometimes my absolutely witty and hilarious response just isn’t appropriate. Usually this happens on very cold days when someone who lives in a snow-free zone mentions how much they miss Iowa.

Otherwise, I have had the best conversations with Hawkeyes from all over. I’ve met an alum who lived within blocks of the house I grew up in (Torrance, California), fans who take pity on me for my lack of football knowledge, alumni who tell stories about how great it was to come home to Iowa after WWII and get their degree, alumni who live in Western Iowa and are looking for an old friend, new grads who aren’t sure what they want to do with their lives, old friends from when I worked at Student Legal Services here on campus, and, at least once I year, I hear from the nicest guy in Mexico. So thanks to all of our callers, and I look forward to speaking to you again—just not about how wonderful the weather is where you are on days where I skated into work wearing 17 layers of microfleece!

Jane Marshall
Membership Assistant

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