Yesterday, I received a welcome thank-you call from an excited Iowa graduate whom Alumni Records staff helped through our “Find A Friend” service. The graduate shared how much she appreciated our taking considerable time to assist her in locating her lost cousin, who attended Iowa in the ’60s. She’d explained that her cousin had lived with her family after his parents died. Her family had not seen or heard from him in more than 20 years. She noted that her mother, who is now deceased, spoke often of the cousin and had always hoped that he would contact them. Last week, the graduate decided to call Alumni Records and ask for help with her search through our “Find A Friend” service.

Unfortunately, we discovered that her cousin was not listed on the alumni records database, since he had not completed his degree at Iowa. However, the caller did remember that her cousin married an Iowa graduate. She had his wife’s first name, a sketchy idea of her birth name, and her hometown, as well as the wife’s major and approximate graduation year. Armed with those details, Alumni Records staff narrowed the search of the database. Eureka! We found the cousin’s wife’s alumni record!

The caller took it from there. Yesterday, she reported a successful outcome of her search with the information we shared through our “Find A Friend” service. After making five or six more phone calls, she located her cousin and his former wife. She said both were delighted to hear from her after so many years. They spent two hours on the phone catching up and are now planning a family reunion in Iowa this summer. The caller expressed her family’s sincere gratitude to Alumni Records staff for guiding her in the right direction. Her thoughtfulness in following up with us made our day.

If you are trying to locate a college classmate or friend from your years at Iowa, please feel free to use our “Find A Friend” link on the UI Alumni Association’s website at It works! We promise to get back to you within two business days via e-mail with the information you are seeking.

Susan Sweeney
Alumni Records Manager

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