Dance Marathon: 24 Hours For the Kids

Over the past weekend, many S.T.A.T. Ambassadors embarked on a mission to raise money for the kids. The 17th Dance Marathon was a blast! We spent 24 hours dancing our hearts out and embracing life.

This year, I took on a leadership role as a morale captain assistant. One of my least favorite jobs as an assistant was to give dancers feet massages: I have never personally enjoyed looking at, touching, or smelling feet. After an hour of looking at, touching, and unfortunately smelling feet, my dislike for feet has grown even more! Hours of dancing does a lot to the toes, but touching people’s feet was a minor battle compared to what the children have gone through with cancer.

My parents and niece surprised me during Dance Marathon by stopping in to visit. My nine-year-old niece Brianna was amazed by the sight of hundreds of college students dancing. I’m already starting to persuade Brianna to follow in my footsteps and become a future Hawkeye!

Dance Marathon 17 broke records this year and raised $1,220,146.17 to be donated to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. After 24 hours, my dance moves have greatly improved, my feet have become stronger, and most of all, my life has forever been touched by the kids.

Christin Meyer
Vice President of Communications
Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (S.T.A.T.)

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