Snow Day: College Edition

Snow days growing up were filled with sledding, building snowmen, and making snow angels. Snow days in college are filled with homework and shoveling the massive mounds of snow to free your car.

After the recent snow day, I have discovered a little bit of hatred towards snow. Living in an apartment complex, our parking lot did not get plowed until after one. The person plowing the parking lot decided to leave a huge heap of snow behind my car. After desperately shoveling the snow to try to get it free, a nice man came by, hooked my car to his truck, and pulled my car to safety. With my car free, I decided to run and get dinner. Traveling through the streets I was amazed by all of the snow. The middle of the roads were piled high. Traveling through town was like being in a maze.

As I swiftly maneuvered around the mounds, I stopped for dinner at Z’mariks Noodle Café and enjoyed the outside world. After being cooped up for two days, I am ready to return to classes tomorrow. I have my snow boots, winter coat, mittens, and hats ready for the treacherous walk to class.

Christin Meyer
Vice President of Communications
Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (S.T.A.T.)

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