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46 More Days

I’m not going to lie…I’ve been counting down the days until that official first day of spring for awhile, although it in no way guarantees that our world will all be green, sunshine, and tulip-filled by March 20th. I’ve come to appreciate the four seasons of the Midwest, but by this time each year, I’m ready to pack away my…

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Sorry, Mr. Izzo

I was so happy for the Hawkeyes last night I wanted to cry. Being at the bottom in the Big Ten standings didn’t stand in their way last night. I kept waiting for the time during the second half when you hold your breath and see the lead dwindle. It has happened so many times this year, and that time…

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Snow Day: College Edition

Snow days growing up were filled with sledding, building snowmen, and making snow angels. Snow days in college are filled with homework and shoveling the massive mounds of snow to free your car.

After the recent snow day, I have discovered a little bit of hatred towards snow. Living in an apartment complex, our parking lot did not get plowed until…

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This Weather Is For The Birds

For old-time movie buffs and for those of us who actually remember watching the original, the mention of Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic film The Birds conjures up the image of mobs of vicious blackbirds attacking and inflicting injury on running, screaming people. So it seems the birds have arrived in Iowa City. For the past week or two, in late afternoon,…

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