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Last Sunday, the Sioux City Journal published “Ten reasons why it’s great to be a Hawkeye” in the education section of the paper. A colleague at the university brought it to my attention, and I immediately wanted to see how closely their ten reasons aligned with, or were supported by, the University of Iowa Alumni Association’s top ten reasons to be a UIAA member. I’ll let you read a rundown of all ten reasons from both lists, but I want to point out a few that are so closely connected.

The number one reason to be a UIAA member—to support the university. Alumni engagement is critical to the ongoing success of the University of Iowa, and I don’t think there would be a list of ten reasons why it’s great to be a Hawkeye without alumni support and engagement. Our national network of IOWA Clubs, exclusive members-only events, and a range of outreach programs enable UIAA members to stay connected; without this, there wouldn’t be such vibrant student life or personal connections (reasons eight and nine from the Journal). Because of the UIAA’s help furthering alumni’s careers, supporting future Hawkeyes, and helping build communities, the university is able to present wonderful opportunities, career support, and personal connections to its students.

I thought for sure there would be some overlap, but I had no idea how closely the reasons to be a UIAA member supported all the reasons why it is so great to be a Hawkeye. Our vision is to engage all alumni in the life of the university, and our mission is to strengthen the university through alumni engagement. The Journal’s list proves that we are doing these things and knowing that makes me love this place even more. Are you a UIAA member yet?

Lana Tucker
Director of Membership and Marketing

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