Check, Please

By this I mean that I’m starting to feel “over” winter. Today’s actual temperature started out way below zero…BRRR! I think we recorded a daytime high of only one degree. This is why we Iowans are a hardy bunch. We have to be in order to survive these cold months.

Right about this time every year, my husband grumbles that we should move to Florida or Arizona. While I’m sure those places are wonderful—as you alumni who live there can attest—I still wouldn’t trade experiencing all four Iowa seasons for anything (despite my moaning and groaning and penchant for slipping on the ice). I like that snow forts and sledding will be part of my children’s collective memories of home. And I like a change every few months—in the look and feel of our natural surroundings, the smell of the air, the new activities that each season brings. It keeps life interesting.

That said, Groundhog Day is coming up soon on Wednesday, February 2, and I wouldn’t mind if Punxsutawney Phil failed to see his shadow. I’m not sure I’m prepared for too much (six more weeks!) of a good thing.
Stay warm,

Kathryn Howe
Associate Editor

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