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I have had a horrible cough for about a month now. The kind that—when it really gets going—wracks my body and makes tears roll down my cheeks. I don’t know where to find my immune system these days; it seems I’ve battled a series of respiratory illnesses in recent months with hardly a break in between. My co-workers are suffering, too. Lots of absences, sneezes, sniffles, coughs, and general yuckville. This cold and flu season seems particularly tough, so, in the spirit of wellness, consider these five ways to reduce your germ exposure (courtesy of UI Health Care):

  • Always wash your hands: Children and adults should wash hands at key moments— after nose-wiping, after diapering or toileting, before eating, and before preparing food.
  • Disinfect: Clean commonly touched surfaces (sink handles, sleeping mats) with an EPA-approved disinfectant.
  • Switch day care: Using a day care where there are six or fewer children dramatically reduces germ contact.
  • Use instant hand sanitizers: A little dab will kill 99.99 percent of germs without any water or towels. The products use alcohol to destroy germs. They are an antiseptic, not an antibiotic, so resistance can’t develop.
  • Use paper towels instead of shared cloth towels.

For more on the treatment and prevention of colds and flu, start here. Then, browse away for more great health info and tips.

Have a happy & healthy New Year!

Kathryn Howe
Associate Editor


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