'Tis the Season of Resolutions

How did last year’s resolutions go for you? Not so well? Last year, my three resolutions were to stop biting my nails, go to the gym three times a week, and save money.

I struggled for the first few months of not biting my nails. But, I feel I have successfully overcome the habit by keeping my nails filed and usually polished. Pat on the back for this resolution!

I was doing great going to the gym…until the first part of July. Playing first base in a softball league, I dislocated my elbow and fractured my arm. I was out for seven weeks. By the time I was able to go to the gym again, I began graduate school, and the fall semester arrived with all the events I could possibly manage. I am now just getting back on the horse. Helping me are two very dedicated coworkers with whom I love going to the gym!

One area I completely failed in was saving money. I did not save as much as I wanted (I only saved one-fifth of my target amount), but I have great faith that I will accomplish my goal next year. I found this amazing tool call mint.com where you connect your accounts: student loans, car loans, credit cards, and checking and savings accounts. This website categorizes, makes charts, compares your spending to the national average, and even shows you at what retailer you spend the most money. Darn you, Target!

Mint.com also helps you set goals, such as creating a six-month emergency fund. This website calculates how much you will need, how long it will take to save, and then reminds you every month if you are behind or ahead for saving for this goal. It also sends pleasant reminders when you have gone over your budget for a specified category (such as when my gift budget was completely blown from the holidays).

So, this year, my resolution is simple—continue progress on the above resolutions. :)

Have a very happy and safe New Year!

Leslie Prideaux
Assistant Director of Alumni Programs

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